Butter Me Up!

Best sweet or savoury delight using butter

Sponsored by Connacht Gold (time limit 90 minutes)

It’s time to tickle our taste buds with a recipe containing butter. When it comes to cooking, real butter is a star ingredient. It's what gives Connacht Gold baked goods that rich taste and carries flavours through mains and sauces … so we want to find the most delicious delights using butter.

To enter, you just need to create a recipe that includes any of the following Connacht Gold butter products as a main ingredient. It can be sweet or savoury – a scrumptious starter, super sandwich, mouth-watering main or luxurious dessert – the sky’s the limit!

Connacht Gold Product List

Connacht Gold cows are free to graze the rolling Irish pastures of Connacht all summer long, just as nature intended. This gives Connacht Gold butter its fresh, rich, creamy taste and unique flavor. Their products are made using only real butter with no chemically treated fats.

  • Connacht Gold Softer Butter – Real butter full of flavour and taste, and slightly softer than traditional butter. Connacht Gold Softer Butter was awarded three stars at Great Taste 2012. From almost 9,000 entries, the prestigious 3-Star Gold – the highest accolade – was only awarded to 123 products at the Food Oscars. Suitable for baking, frying, cooking and spreading.

  • Connacht Gold Creamery butter – 100% pure Irish butter.

  • Connacht Gold Low Fat butter - Premium spreadable low fat butter. It’s real butter with just half the fat and only 19 calories per serving.Suitable for serving and spreading.

  • Connacht Gold Garlic & Herb butter – Made using only the freshest herbs and spices, Connacht Gold’s Garlic and Herb butter is a smooth, rich accompaniment to any meal. Perfect with steak, bacon, chicken, fish, pasta and potatoes.

  • Connacht Gold Spreadable – Made using real butter, it’s a rich tasting, smooth textured product that easily spreads straight from the fridge. Suitable for baking and frying.

  • Connacht Gold Spreadable Lighter – A lighter option than Connacht Gold Spreadable, it’s smooth textured with less calories per serving. Suitable for baking and frying.

  • Connacht Gold’s Unsalted Butter – Nature’s perfect baking ingredient. For richness of taste, fullness of flavour and perfect baking results every time, there is no comparison.

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