Easy Cheesy

Everyone’s favourite ingredient in one amazing dish

Sponsored by Dubliner Cheese (time limit 60 minutes)

Cheese is a brilliant ingredient as it is so versatile and 100% delicious no matter how you use it. It adds richness to baked treats, a finishing touch to a midweek meal, or that little something extra to a lunchtime dish. You can use it sliced, grated, or just eat it straight from the block - have it your way!

Dubliner Irish Cheese Product List

Dubliner Original White 200g Block
Dubliner Original Red 200g Block
Dubliner Original White 400g Block
Dubliner Light White 200g Block
Dubliner Light Red 200g Block
Dubliner Original White Slices 180g
Dubliner Original Red Slices 180g
Dubliner Light White Slices 180g
Dubliner Light Red Slices 180g
Dubliner Grated Red 200g

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